Flavour above everything


What do we stand for?

  • Fresh

    Our kitchen is built around fresh vegetables, fresh herbs and tasteful spices. We start from pure ingredients and make almost everything ourselves, always avoiding processed food. We love to work with local and ecological ingredients, top quality products with great taste.

  • Dishes to share

    So you can savour a bit of everything and above all, share the tasting experience in the company of your friends or family. We bring you slow food that takes time to prepare and we also want you to truly appreciate all the flavors so they are served one dish at a time. We would like to offer you a casual dining experience in Málaga.

  • Authentic creations

    All of our dishes are made in our little kitchen with love, passion, craft and eye for detail. We enjoy making original and creative dishes that you will not find elsewhere, using different techniques. We are constantly innovating, always searching for perfection so our menu is always evolving.

  • Sustainability

    We are very concerned with the well being of people, animals and our environment. That is why we want to be part of a positive movement and have chosen to serve plant based creations. We truly believe that what we eat & how we live determines our health & the preservation of our planet for future generations! We don’t compromise on flavour and create a unique gastronomic plant-based experience to remember.

  • Quality drinks 

    "Looking for an aperitif?" Enjoy our selection of Spanish vermuts, sparkling wines, gins or homemade aperitifs. "Love to wine and dine?" Perfect, just like us! That is why we are always looking for interesting grapes and wines from small bodegas. "Prefer something without alcohol?" No problem, try our homemade lemonades with fresh fruits or cold brewed iced teas.

    Be welcome, relax and enjoy our world of flavours.

About our restaurant

Everything we serve has been approved by our taste buds!

Piet & Julie